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Welcome to the page of Mark and Lisa. We appreciate your eagerness to find out more about the ASEA redox technology. So before you order some ASEA redox supplement, we’d like to make sure that you’re properly informed about the options on the ASEA product website 😊


Language and Country

Since ASEA is a global company, the first thing for you to choose is the country where you live and your preferred language.


Account Type

You’ll need to choose which type of account to use for ASEA orders. If you just want to try the products in a small quantity and wouldn’t mind paying retail price for the first time, you can choose to enroll as a retail customer. Just follow the instruction of the website and finish your purchase. After the purchase, please check your email. In addition to your receipt, you’ll also get your log in information for future purchase.


Don't pay more than you should

However, for future purchase, we recommend that you don’t buy ASEA with retail price again. If you’ve already tried ASEA or you’d like to buy more, the other two types of account offer wholesale price and are much more suitable for most people.


ASEA Associate Account

Personally, we recommend an ASEA associate account over the preferred customer account because we sincerely think the ASEA associate account offers the best deal, even if you don’t plan to sell ASEA products and just want be a happy customer. With an associate account, you can order at the whole sale price with a monthly subscription and earn reward points. And still you can cancel anytime if you change your mind. No obligations!

Monthly Subscription

To resume monthly subscription is very easy with an ASEA associate account, but not that easy with a preferred customer account. Once you stop your monthly subscription with a preferred customer account, you will need to order with retail price next time. So, for the one time $US 40 enrollment fee, you actually get all the flexibility and benefits the company offers. So unless you just want to try the product once, we strongly recommend that you purchase products as an ASEA associate.

Enrollment Packs with More Discount

If you want to buy more than one box (4 bottles) of ASEA redox supplement, or one box (4 tubes) of RENU 28, the ASEA associate account is for sure your best choice. You get more discount through enrollment packs. The $40 enrollment fee is even waived when you buy an ENTREPRENEUR PACK. The ENTREPRENEUR PACK gives you the best discount rate with the highest reoccurring reward points, and is a one time only deal for each individual.


Money Back Guarantee

Customers are well protected under ASEA’s money back guarantee policy. In general, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund in 30 days, and 90% refund in 90 days with conditions. Only 10-15% of customers can feel some health benefits after drinking ASEA for one week. However, 90% of customers can feel health benefits after drinking ASEA for three months. Therefore, we sincerely recommend that you drink at least three months to get the health benefits you’d like.

Contact us anytime if you have a question 😊 You can’t go wrong with any REDOX packs, so just pick one and enjoy!

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